Unlocking operational flexibility within Financial Crime Operations

In the realm of Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) where adaptability and flexibility reign supreme, we focus today’s insight on our Standby Service. It is our belief that businesses should have the autonomy to make choices that align with their distinct needs. A solution designed to cater to ever-shifting workloads, spikes in operational demand, and urgent regulatory programmes requiring especial focus and attention.

Embracing the Value of Flexibility

Tighter Regulation, highly manual processes and market fluctuation can present unique challenges.  The ability to adapt and deal with events (planned or otherwise) is critical. It could be a Backlog somewhere in your business, a complex remediation or an un-planned influx of AML alerts that need urgent review.

Financial Crime Compliance consultancies should provide financial institutions with a range of options to keep them well equipped, protected from crisis situations, and take on tomorrow with confidence.

It is not just about having resources readily available; it's about creating focus and specialist capacity to respond with tailor-made solutions at peak times of change.  This is why we have dedicated a service to rapidly mobilise flexible and scaled teams to provide operational capability on-demand allowing our clients to focus on their strategic priorities.

Empowering Clients through Choice

A flexible pay-as-you go model provides effective utilisation of resource and allows financial institutions to efficiently manage their compliance efforts in situations of low volume, unpredictable spikes and short bursts of activity. Effective utilisation of resource against precise volumes ensures our project teams are never over resourced. A tap on/ tap off setup offers newfound flexibility with a consistent demonstration of cost-control.

Here's why client flexibility is a pivotal consideration:

Cost Optimisation: Clients have the freedom to manage their costs to a much greater degree without paying for “down-time’’ or short periods of inactivity. This approach empowers them to make the most of their budget ensuring every pound is well spent.

Resource Efficiency: By enabling the toggling of the service, businesses can ensure they maintain a perfectly-sized response team, avoiding resource redundancy during periods of lower demand, and resource shortages during peak times.

Operational Resilience: Flexibility provides clients with the ability to swiftly respond to unforeseen challenges, overflow, or shifts in the compliance landscape, enabling them to always stay one step ahead.

Client Testimonial

One of our long-term clients recently asked us to downscale part of our operation due to early completion of a KYC Backlog, but maintain a core team on a rolling basis to support a short surge in BAU demand. Their Compliance Manager shared their experience:

“DCM were very flexible from the get-go, providing different options that best suited the business needs. During the deployment, DCM worked attentively in order to adapt to ongoing challenges and changes with a focus on delivering the project on time and to a high standard. Any additional request throughout the project was accepted without hesitation and made the entire engagement a productive and effortless.”

Having the freedom to switch off, or simply scale-back and then re-deploy the same team at a future point was liberating for our client. It conserved internal budget without compromising remedial efforts, or placing internal teams under strain. And when a future need arises, we can reactivate the service with ease, and rotate client-trained people back onto the project to ensure a seamless transition. DCM's dedication to flexibility has been a game changer for our customer base.

The Standby Service Advantage

Our Standby Service is a shining embodiment of our commitment to providing innovative KYC & AML solutions. While it plays an important role in supporting clients during peak times, it also recognises that compliance is anything but a constant and unyielding pursuit. Instead, it's a dynamic field that demands adaptable strategies and the readiness to provide stability and assurance to operational activity.


We feel our clients deserve the freedom to choose solutions that are tailored to their needs. It's not just about providing a service; it's about granting businesses the flexibility and control they require to effectively navigate the ever-changing world of Financial Crime Compliance. Our Standby Service is an embodiment of choice and flexibility, and a reflection of our dedication to enhance the resilience of financial institutions across the globe.

Our Services

DCM has an expansive Taskforce team who are deployed into Banks and FinTechs to help our customers quickly respond to spikes in operational demand, remedial challenges or regulatory gaps.

We operate 3 business lines to address the unique needs of our client base:

  • Managed Service – Outsourcing Customer on-boarding & time-bound KYC remediation
  • Standby Service – Rapid response deployment to address volume spikes & processing challenges (fraud screening, CDD reviews, or TM investigations) usually precipitated by a product launch or a surge in BAU demand
  • Advisory - Providing full-spectrum expertise across Financial Crime and Regulatory risk to tackle complex regulatory breaches.

For more information on all our services please get in touch here.