Resource Optimisation: On-demand access to AML Teams

Resource management within Financial Crime Operations is a delicate balancing act. Banks and FinTechs must allocate resources efficiently to meet both customer demand & regulatory obligations, whilst controlling costs. Increased transactional volumes, regulatory changes, and on-going remedial activity can pose significant challenges for financial institutions.

At DCM, we understand this challenge, and our Standby Service for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance offers a strategic solution to maximise ROI. 

The Resource Allocation Dilemma:

Banks often grapple with the dilemma of allocating resources for AML compliance. Keeping pace with the ever-evolving AML landscape, through periods of growth and scale, can present a unique set of challenges. Ensuring compliance with AML regulations is crucial but can be overwhelming during peak demand periods.

As we know, deploying full-time staff to "plug the gaps" can be costly and time-consuming. Reacting decisively to maintain operational performance and customer satisfaction will place organisations at a competitive advantage.  


DCM's Standby Service: The ROI Booster:

DCM's Standby Service for AML Compliance provides a unique alternative to traditional methods. It’s our best-selling solution designed to provide quick intervention with maximum flexibility. Having immediate access to a specialist taskforce team at your disposal creates new-found flexibility and frees up internal resource to focus on core operation and strategy.

Our service provides tactical response to address short-term demand and processing challenges on a pay-as-you-go basis. This allows us to quickly scale as volumes surge, and reduce the team size as numbers reach agreed levels. It could be a Transaction Monitoring backlog that needs urgent clearance, a KYC Remediation project that needs a reboot, Fraud spikes which require investigation, or a batch of Screening alerts that need to be reviewed and closed.

By providing on-demand access to our specialist Task force units, organisations can optimise their resource allocation to support fluctuating workloads and overflow activity – with no project lock-in costs or long-term hiring commitments. This service not only reduces costs, but also enhances the quality and effectiveness of AML compliance.


Long-Term Benefits of Strategic Resource Management:

The advantages of strategic resource management extend beyond cost savings. By leveraging DCM's Standby Service, Financial Service firms can build a more agile and resilient AML operation with in-built contingency and specialised expertise.  Our solution enables institutions to adapt at pace to the changing regulatory landscapes, and maintain a resilient, compliant, and customer-centric approach.



DCM's Standby Service for AML Compliance empowers banks to maximise ROI by providing access to on-demand AML experts via our Taskforce Unit, and shines as a solution that empowers banks to navigate challenges confidently.

With this approach, you can achieve cost-efficiency, compliance excellence, and long-term success in today's dynamic financial landscape.

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