Leverage our Taskforce: How this can benefit your organisation

DCM has cultivated a highly adaptive and multi skilled Taskforce unit. A panoply of skilled and high-performing professionals who have delivered on previous engagements together and who are retained by DCM. Our team units are trusted, proven and easy to work with! We rotate our teams from project to project ensuring continuity of service and quality of delivery.

Three key takeaways:
Cost is very important – a flexible taskforce provides a rapid fix with a discernible cost advantage
Psychological safety; Empowered, Trusted and Cohesive response teams stand a much better chance of delivering Regulatory Programmes against a tight deadline
In the KYC & AML space, continuity of teams & resource is a major value enhancer

Breakthrough Approach

Keeping pace with the ever-evolving AML landscape, through periods of growth and scale, can present a unique set of challenges. Having the right balance of expertise on the ground in key moments is critical. Customers are often faced with a resource dilemma:

How much external support is really needed?
How do we get rapid access to that expertise?
How do we maximise resource and manage costs?
We will need to scale capacity quickly, but then reduce the team when volumes stabilise. Is this possible?

By providing on-demand access to our specialist Taskforce units, organisations can optimise their resource allocation to support fluctuating workloads and overflow activity – with no project lock-in costs or long-term hiring commitments. This service not only reduces costs, but also enhances the quality and effectiveness of AML compliance.

Deploying full-time staff to "plug the gaps" can be costly and time-consuming. Reacting decisively to maintain operational performance and customer satisfaction will place organisations at a competitive advantage.  

Problem solved

Our expansive taskforce operates across our dedicated service lines to support the unique needs of our clients. We run three divisions; Managed Service, Advisory and our Standby Service. We need the very best talent in the market to make our services beam!

We focus exclusively within the Anti-FinCrime and Legal & Regulatory Compliance domain supporting a global network of Banks, FinTechs, Payment Firms, Challengers, BaaS providers and Start-ups.

Clients are using our services because they can leverage our proven Taskforce on-demand to tackle both regulatory and operational challenges at speed. A great cost saver providing flexibility and continuity of trusted teams! It also relieves internal strain and frees up valuable time for in-house functions to focus on core business and strategy.

Our Taskforce teams are deployed to deliver key programmes, bolster internal functions, and maintain robust business continuity as our customers grow, scale and fulfil regulatory obligations:


  • Complex KYC Remediations
  • CDD Backlog clearance
  • Transaction Monitoring Alert Clearing
  • AML investigations
  • High Risk approvals and EDD sign-off
  • Fraud, PEP & Sections screening
  • SAR reporting


  • Policy and Framework Review
  • AML & Safeguarding Audits
  • Internal control framework enhancement
  • Retained advisory services
  • Preparing and submitting Regulatory applications.

Given the scrutiny and time-bound nature of our programmes the ramp-up and assimilation must be immediate.

Assess the Need

Our response teams are assembled and deployed from our pre-vetted bench. All consultants embody a high-productivity mindset, combined with deep SME knowledge and practical awareness of managing and mitigating Risk.

If the programme is highly target driven, we engage those consultants with the unique ability to deliver throughput under intense pressure. 

On the Advisory side, our practitioners have real life experience providing purpose-led consulting. Skilled and adaptable, helping firms solve complex regulatory breaches.


Skills and Capabilities

Our expertise comprises; Junior KYC Analysts, Senior Analysts, QA, Team Leads, SMEs, Operations directors, FinCrime Practitioners and Interim MLROs. We are highly focused on promoting our teams through the ranks. As a firm we place no blockers in the way of career progression and advancement. We like to reward exceptional standards on a regular basis and keep our teams incentivised and motivated.


This is the big one. Trust. Cohesive teams who know and trust each other create psychological safety (teams who are made to feel safe to learn, contribute, and challenge effectively). Bringing together a pre-established team who collaborate effectively significantly increases the chances of delivering these short-term Regulatory Programmes against a tight deadline.

As we know, there is considerable downward pressure on targets, quality, and maintaining high standards consistently. A key component is stamina, being reliably relentless to deliver day-in day-out. A team that trusts each other, is more likely to unlock their true potential and produce superior results.


This is the major plus! We offer a pay-as-you-go service with no lock in period – our clients love the flexibility we can offer. A responsive and flexible set-up to help organisations manage costs and remain agile and efficient. We have the capabilities and talent network to dial-up and dial-down our Taskforce on demand. A real value enhancer ensuring our customers are not locked into long-term fixed cost.


If you require a tactical team to deliver a particular piece of work, or you need some additional capacity to bolster your in-house functions, please reach out.

For more information on all our services please get in touch here.