How we help our client’s gain a competitive advantage

In a previous case study, we highlighted how DCM’s Standby service delivered sustained value to our Digital Banking client by supporting customer on-boarding demand, and clearing a growing KYC Backlog. This was initially delivered using one of our smaller tactical teams during a proof-of-concept phase.

Building upon that success, we present the second part of our journey where our response team scaled from 2 to 20 providing quick intervention and flexible delivery to service new demand and address increasing KYC and AML processing challenges.

Scaling at pace, growing compliantly, and preventing Financial Crime was a shared and unified vision for DCM and our Client. In this article, we zone in on the discernible impact our Standby service provided, and how our team integrated with ease into our client’s operations to facilitate immediate growth and expansion.

Three key takeaways:
In-house teams are rarely set-up for increased operational demand. Having critical contingency in place is a very smart move
Trialing a Managed Service ahead of a planned Product launch can yield significant benefit
Rotating proven teams from project to project ensures valuable continuity and precision of execution

Initial Proof of Concept

Five weeks ago, DCM initiated a proof-of-concept to  demonstrate our service capabilities to our new client. This involved deploying a small team to showcase our speed of mobilisation, our capabilities, and flexibility. The proof-of-concept was initially set for one month, but we quickly built trust and credibility and scaled to an on-site team of 20+ supporting BAU demand and remedial activity.

Expansion and Increased Demand

Our client’s recent product launch and expansion into new jurisdictions brought about a significant increase in customer on-boarding activity, along with a fresh stack of Transaction Monitoring Alerts to clear. Our Standby service was activated to support the surge in operational demand and bolster the internal teams who faced limitations and bandwidth challenges.

Multiple Benefits

As intended, the activation of our Standby service resulted in; faster conversion rates, a significant reduction to customer backlogs, and a greatly improved customer experience.


Our team provided a temporary injection of KYC and TM support with coverage across multiple workstreams. This swiftly addressed operational challenges freeing up internal resource to focus on core operation and strategy.

Scalable Team Deployment

To support intense volume spikes, our team swiftly expanded to a total of twenty consultants, forming part of self-sufficient managed team. Leveraging our Taskforce unit, we carefully selected our consultants for immediate deployment into the client's business within 1 week. This included setting-up the necessary hardware, a 2-day training and ramp-up phase, and core alignment with the client's processes and expectations.

The Power of Collaboration

The partnership between DCM and our client was highly effective. Our team seamlessly integrated into the existing workflow, providing expertise, and plugging gaps to manage overflow activity. Through close collaboration, we ensured a smooth transition during expansion resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction. By rapidly mobilising a cohesive team with proven capabilities, we were able to service demand and bolster internal capacity during periods of significant growth.


We continue to maintain current levels of support with the option to scale-up and down on-demand.



The success of our Standby service to consistently clear backlogs, manage volume spikes, and remove business risk is testament to our rigour and drive to become the global provider of choice for Anti-FinCrime and KYC outsourcing.

Standby Service

DCM is proud to offer our innovative Standby service, a game-changer in the consulting industry. Designed to address the unique needs of an organisation during peak demand periods or unexpected surges in activity. We provide a highly responsive, flexible and cost-efficient way to support  growth, minimise operational strain, and keep businesses thriving.

With a proven track record of success, we have helped an expansive client base overcome complex remediations, backlogs clearance programmes and solve Regulatory breaches. Explore in greater detail  here.

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