DCM provide a highly attractive, cost effective and trusted alternative to major consultancies and the UK Contractor Market.

We have a dynamic network of consultants with a wide range of skills and capabilities

We can deploy cohesive tactical teams who have delivered together previously.

We operate a flexible resource model with a highly competitive rate card.

We only deploy trusted resource known to us personally or those who have been referred by our panel of partners.


This is how we grow our talent network and guarantee the quality of resource.


DCM are flexible in the way we transact and offer a variety of engagement models. We work in partnership with our clients to provide tailored solutions to fix specific challenges and deliver time critical programmes.

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Statement of Work

Project-based delivery on a time and materials basis. Deploying tactical teams to support time critical activity: KYC remediation, Alert Clearing, Transaction Monitoring, EDD investigations.

Fixed Price

Completion of specific deliverables and milestones to support risk-sharing. Delivery activity undertaken over a fixed period of time with an agreed price and methodology.

Advisory Capability

Engaging specialist advisory and consulting capability to provide independent assessment & reporting to the Senior Management Team, The Board and Regulator.


Frank Tasker

DCM is lead by our founder & CEO, Frank Tasker. Frank is a hugely experienced global operations leader with a proven track record of leading, developing and mobilising high-performing teams across Financial Crime Operations for a large portfolio of clients.


Frank is entirely committed to developing dynamic, enterprising, and highly effective project teams who deliver positive business outcomes for your organisation.


Contact Frank here.


DCM's headquarters are based in London, United Kingdom.

We also operate globally in the highlighted locations below.


United Kingdom 

DCM Headquarters


Middle East

South East Asia

United States of America