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Returning stronger in a Hybrid world: Transforming your KYC & CLM Operations

Remote working now plays a significant part in how we conduct our business. As organisations gradually transition back to BAU, they are presented with the task of pivoting their operations between office-based working and virtual-working.

If we assume a hybrid model of 70% remote-working and 30% office-based working as the first phase of returning to work, firms will need to carefully consider their operating strategies.

In a hybrid world of operating, it is important to promote an outcome-driven culture that empowers teams to operate teams in a self-governing way, whilst encouraging high-level interaction and effective collaboration.

Leaders need to energise the whole company by setting a clear direction and communicating with purpose. Setting a strong vision with a realistic outlook can have a powerful effect on team dynamic. Connecting with your team on a personal level, promoting inclusiveness and inspiring a big picture vision to which all team members aspire will help to instill a strong team bond.

Organisations who embrace new levels of team agility and embed robust operating standards in the part-office, part-virtual world will triumph. Firms who fail to act, re-organise, and implement transformational change will make it increasingly difficult for their teams to thrive and evolve.


The priorities for organisations post Covid-19 still exist, but now with greater urgency:

At a micro level, firms will need to urgently assess if their operating model is fit for purpose in the new hybrid world. Regulatory change agendas that were paused need to restart and BAU activity needs to return stronger than before. At a macro level firms will be aiming to recapture lost revenues, reduce costs and mitigate their risks.

Returning your CLM function to operational health after a period of disruption can be extremely challenging. As BAU slowly returns, DCM and Lysis are working in partnership to help revive your KYC & CLM operations and navigate your next phase of critical change. We are on a global mission to help organisations adapt and thrive in the new working world. Maintaining that sense of possibility will be an enduring source of competitive advantage.

How we can help

REVIEW and re-design of your Target Operating Model to create radical new levels of visibility, agility, and productivity. To manage and strengthen team dynamic and ensure your teams are working at optimum levels.

EMBED effective leadership and high-performance strategies to help your teams to thrive and deliver in today’s part-office part-virtual world.

REBOOT your KYC remediation and refresh projects that may have lost momentum during lockdown to ensure you meet your regulatory obligations.

SUPPORT you to build and mobilise high-performing and cohesive teams to avoid an acute slowdown and stagnation of your CLM programmes and change agendas.

ENHANCE your client on-boarding function to support revenue generating activity and improved customer service .

For more information on how we can help your business contact us today: frank.tasker@dcmoperations.com

Frank Tasker, Director at DCM.

Working in partnership with Lysis Group.